Monday, September 17, 2012


A duotone will create varying shades of gray ending up with a rich tonal reproduction of a black and white photograph that you can not get with just black and white inks. A duotone is more saturated, textured, compelling than a black and white photo. It can convey mood and even time. Many old photographs were printed with ink extracted from cuttlefish which gives the image an archival appearance. 

The following examples of duotones were made with photos from the internet and DeviantArt (Thank you Dracoart, Plague Plague, merimask, froweminahildstock, Grinmer_Stock)  I have composited elements from other photos into them.  

Elements composited in are:
 In Radio Flyer, both the Radio Flyer wagon and the old truck. 
 In The Fox Girl, the fox. Not the girl.
 In Duotone #1, the woman.

I put Teddy into the Chernobyl photo because it seemed fitting and it was fun. ;)

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