Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to Turn a Masterpiece into a LOL

I made a selection of David's face and copy/pasted it onto Young Lady In A Boat. I scaled it down while next to the girl's face for comparison. In this case it was important for the eyes and the chin to line up. I put his layer over her face and then the fun began. Lots of fiddling around with getting the coloring as close to hers as I could. I used a mask for some of it, especially around the edges and the hair hanging in her face. I did some outright painting on David's face and some on the girl's hand which is in the top layer - touch ups. I painted over, at a low opacity, David's eyebrows with her hair color and his mouth with the color of her mouth. I picked up colors with the eyedropper from the girl's face. I did not use the selection I made of the girl's hair that you can see in the Layers palette.
After I was done, I pushed the greys/middle triangle towards the white in Levels.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Making Something Pop

Find an image you want to work with and create a blank layer above it. In that layer, using black, paint the area you want to "pop". In this case it was the cat's eyes and nose. Deselect the "eye" on the original image layer. Make sure your top layer with blacked out area is active. Choose Edit, Define Pattern. Make a copy of your color layer and create a New document with it. Convert the color image in the new document to Grayscale (Image, Mode) then to Bitmap (Image, Mode, Bitmap) choosing Custom Pattern for the Method. Use pattern you just made. Convert back to Grayscale.

Copy grayscale image and paste it into original document over the color image. Choose the Overlay blending mode at the top of the Layers palette. Experiment with Opacity. Make sure Eye on blacked out layer is off.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dragon Dreams
Dragon in center from a tatoo
Font is Monk and Latin Unical

I used a Hard Light Mode on the Smoke layers. Sometimes it's easier to adjust Exposure or Vibrancy or Contrast after you've finished everything else. This looked pretty good but I decided to make a jpeg so that I'd have a flat copy to play with the Exposure for the overall image.